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Inflammation: It Can Help You

28.11.2015 (9:03 am) – Filed under: Uncategorized ::

infmtSara watched the ball come toward her in the goal. She waited, waited, then dove. As she fell on the ball, knowing she had blocked the shot, she felt a sharp pain in her knee.

The tiny white-haired woman put aside the paper she had been reading and glanced at the clock: 6 p.m. Time to start dinner. With a deep sigh, she started to get up. As she started to stand, she involuntarily let out a sharp cry. Her eyes watered momentarily from pain, but she was standing. Her legs felt too bent and weak to hold her as she started toward her kitchen.

Ana had been sitting in the same place for an hour. Good, that was the bell. The exam was over. As she stood up, her knees cracked audibly. She paused for a moment to allow the …