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Does Birth Order Matter?

10.02.2016 (6:16 pm) – Filed under: Uncategorized ::

dbomThe ancients had Zeus to blame for thunder, and Diana to thank for the fortunes of the hunt. Nowadays, we have our own myths to explain the world around us, along with a running argument about whether or not they are true.

Is it myth or reality, for example, that no pain means no gain? That you can raise your IQ by eating fish? That firstborn children are natural leaders?

Most experts agree that the first two statements are myth. But you can find authorities on both sides of the birth order debate. Some say your personality is dependent on whether you are the oldest child in the family, a middle child, the youngest child, or the only child. Others say there’s never been a reliable study that’s proven this.

One social psychologist even likened the birth order theory to …