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The Omnivores Experiment: Episode 58    

Inspired by the events in North Africa, Egypt in particular, I give you the latest Omnivores Experiment.
Hour 1
Sadat Is Assasinated 10-6-1981
Muslimgauze: Eleven Minarets Pt. 1   Fatah Guerilla   1996
CBS Evening News on Egyptian Prtoests 1-28-11
Muslimgauze: Jerusalem Knife   Hamas Arc   1993
Reprter Paul Brennan On Al-Jazerra: Where In The World Is Gamal Mubarak? 
Rico & Helmy & Belly Dancer Shams: Rico & Helmy & Belly Dancer Shams   2008
Khaled: Didi ( Didi Funk Club Remix )   Arabica   2002
Beaumont Hannant: t-Gh6493   Basic Data Manipulation - Tastes And Textures Vol.2   1993
Xteener: Egyptian Queen Makeup Tutorial On uTube
Groucho Marx: Captain Spalding's Adventures in Africa   Animal Crackers Soundtrack   1930
Nancy Ajram: Shik Shak Shok   2009
Coco Steel & Lovebomb: Yachts ( A Man Called Adam Mix )   Bongo Beach 2   2003
Is Egypt A Revolution Or A Revolt? CNN's Fareed Zakaria Takes A Look.  1-30-11
Mubarack at the White House With Obama 8-18-09
Photek: The Hidden Camera   Modus Operandi   1997
Interview Blogger Alaa Abdelfatah ( in Johannesburg ) on Al-Jazeera  1-29-11
Seofon: Scharae   Casual Collapse   1994
Egypt Welcomes ElBaradei Home 1-30-11
Inside Story - Egypt's Coptic Christians - Al-Jazeera 1-2-11
Muslimgauze: Bazoft Rope   Vote Hezbollah   1993
New York Times - Tourists In Cairo 1-30-11
Nickodemus Feat. Andrea Montei:Desert Dancer ( Zeb's Slow Camel Remix )   Arabica   2002
Hour 2
Hillary on CNN With Candy Crowley 1-30-11
Jeanette MacDonald: The Moon Looks Down On Cairo   "Cairo" Soundtrack   1942
NPR: All Things Considered 1-31-11: Al-Jazeera's Profile Continues To Rise
Shere Khan: Vision   Vampire/ Vision/ Torn EP   1998
Us Conductors: The Unveiling   Arabica III - Voyages Into North African Sound   2002
An interview with Pres. Mohamed Hosni Mubarak "President of Egypt" with Israeli TV , talking about 1973 war between Egypt and Israel in addition to the Palestinian issue in 2006.
Dune: Imported   The Blade/ Imported   1997
Autechre: Kalpol Intro   Pi   1998
Natacha Atlas: Bastut Bullitnuts Remix   Arabica III - Voyages Into North African Sound   2002
David Shire: The Money Bag   The Taking of Pelham One Two Three ( Original Soundtrack )   1974
Bruza & Terror Danjah: Leave Alone   Undeniable   2010
Pressure Drop: The Calling   Arabica   2002
Cleopatra: Cleopatra's Theme   Comin' Atcha!   1998