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  Hello everyone and welcome to Episode #072 of "Give Trance a Chance - Starting The Week Right".

Special summer episode with great tracks by: Gareth Emery, Mat Zo, Estiva, BT, Andy Moor and many more!!!!
Massive remixes by: Arty(as usual), Omnia, Maor Levi, Duderstadt and many more!!!!

Starting and kicking off with a great remix by Proff to "The World Doesn't Know" by Tilt.
2nd stop is at Jerome Isma-Ae & Daniel Portman Feat Max C with "Flashing Lights" but this time we have the Starkillers Remix.
Next, massive Fedde Le Grand vs. Sultan & Ned Shepard feat. Mitch Crown bringing us "Running" and the Festival Mix, turn it up!
4th track of the show is a massive one, Arty's remix to Gareth Emery  "El Segundo" this one would blow you away..
After this massive opening, switching to some progressive and we keep going with another great remix, this one is by Omnia to Mr. Andy Moor Vs. M.I.K.E. With "Spirit's Pulse".
More is coming, we have young and talented Maor Levi with a great remix to Estiva and "Next Level".
Lucky #7 this is Max Graham, Neev Kenned and "So Caught Up".
Hold on up there, this one is a great artwork remix by my #1 BT Feat Rob Dickinson with "Always" and the Andy Moor Remix.
Alright, if I liked the last track(I actually like all of the tracks in the show!) Well this one is something, prepare your speakers, this is SHato & Paul Rockseek with "Wonderfooled" and the Duderstadt Remix.
Next, we have Tritonal remix to Steve Brian & Noel Gitman called "Luna System".  

Goin up a bit, next track is a massive remix which I should mentioned at the opening, this is Mike Koglin Remix to Mat Zo finest tracks, please cheer to "Superman".

I know I'm a big fan of Mat Zo so the next one is a great remix by him to a Kyau & Albert's track which celebrating 15 years at those days and this is "Be There 4 U" and the Mat Zo Remix.
Last and final for today, I know, I'm upset to... This a classic one, Giuseppe Ottaviani with "Linking People" and the Giuseppe Ottaviani 2011 Mix.

That's all for today ladies and Gent. Thank you for tuning in and thank WTNR radio for hosting us.
Hope you all enjoy the ride, if you like, feel free to download the show and if you really like it, you know what would happened next week, yup we have more for you!

Enjoy the summer!

Peace and Love

Tzur Vaza
Dj Zoo
"Benon Records"
This Is Trance