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"Top 200 US Cities - Average 2-Bedroom Rental Prices"
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June 8, 2009

A household must earn $37,105 a year to afford the national average two-bedroom fair-market rent of $928 a month. A full-time worker would have to make $17.84 an hour to afford the average 2 bedroom if no more than the recommended guideline of 30 percent of income is spent on housing.

A household must earn over $66,000 to afford a 2-bedroom in San Francisco or Honolulu, but only $24,800 for a 2br apt in Fargo, North Dakota.

Here's the top 200 most to least expensive rental markets in the United States, based on 2008 data from the Center for Housing Policy.

RankCityAverage Monthly Rent
1San Francisco, CA$1,658
2Honolulu, HI $1,631
3Santa Cruz, CA $1,590
4Suffolk-Nassau, NY $1,581
5Santa Ana, CA $1,546
6Oxnard, CA $1,502
7San Diego, CA $1,418
8Los Angeles, CA $1,361
9Edison, NJ $1,349
10Boston, MA $1,345

11Cambridge, MA $1,345
12San Jose, CA $1,338
13Fort Lauderdale, FL $1,313
14New York, NY $1,313
15Santa Rosa, CA $1,296
16Napa, CA $1,295
17Oakland, CA $1,295
18West Palm Beach, FL $1,294
19Bethesda, MD $1,288
20Washington, DC $1,288

21Santa Barbara, CA $1,262
22Bridgeport, CT $1,214
23Newark, NJ $1,213
24Barnstable, MA $1,192
25Vallejo, CA $1,161
26Miami, FL $1,156
27Trenton, NJ $1,152
28Riverside, CA $1,125
29Salinas, CA $1,125
30San Luis Obispo, CA $1,125

31Naples, FL $1,120
32Poughkeepsie, NY $1,117
33Burlington, VT $1,108
34New Haven, CT $1,101
35Rockingham-Strafford, NH $1,075
36Atlantic, NJ $1,068
37Sarasota, FL $1,059
38Flagstaff, AZ $1,044
39Manchester, NH $1,042
40Portland, ME $1,042

41Baltimore, MD $1,037
42New Orleans, LA $1,030
43Boulder, CO $1,029
44Sacramento, CA $1,022
45Hartford, CT $1,021
46Las Vegas, NV $1,013
47Camden, NJ $1,005
48Philadelphia, PA $1,005
49Wilmington, DE $1,005
50Chicago, IL $1,004

51Anchorage, AK $990
52Seattle, WA $987
53Orlando, FL $985
54Vineland, NJ $985
55Cape Coral, FL $984
56Reno, NV $967
57Norwich, CT $961
58Providence, RI $956
59Stockton, CA $950
60Tampa, FL $946

61Ann Arbor, MI $940
62Santa Fe, NM $928
63Tacoma, WA $926
64Richmond, VA $925
65Ithaca, NY $923
Ocan City, NJ $923
67Worcester, MA $922
68Port St. Lucie, FL $916
69Austin, TX $912

70Jacksonville, FL $907
71Dallas, TX $905
72Virginia Beach, VA $904
73Daytona Beach, FL $896
74Tallahassee, FL $892
75Denver, CO $891
76Atlanta, GA $878
77Phoenix, AZ $877
78Punta Gorda, FL $877
79Springfield, MA $874
80Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN $873

81Albany, NY $868
82Houston, TX $866
83Palm Bay, FL $866
84Modesto, CA $864
85Bremerton, WA $855
86Allentown, PA $853
87Madison, WI $846
88Gulfport, MS $844
89Fresno, CA $842
90Milwaukee, WI $839

91Pittsfield, MA $839
92Fort Worth, TX $838
93Olympia, WA $835
94Fort Collins, CO $834
95Madera, CA $834
96Durham, NC $827
97Chico, CA $826
98Fort Walton Beach, FL $816
99Salisbury, MD $815
100Detroit, MI $809

101Portland, OR $809
102Warren, MI $809
103Gary, IN $807
104Redding, CA $802
105Salt Lake City, UT $802
106Rochester, NY $797
107Colorado Springs, CO $796
108Corpus Christi, TX $796
109Raleigh, NC $795
110San Antonio, TX $792
111Kansas City, MO $791
112Bellingham, WA $790
113Baton Rouge, LA $788
114Gainesville, FL $788
115Charleston, SC $787
116Jackson, MS $784
117Monroe, MI $777
118Merced, CA $774
119Lancaster, PA $771
120Eugene, OR $768
121Hagerstown, MD $764
122Harrisburg, PA $764
123Nashville, TN $761
124Charlotte, NC $757
125Omaha, NE $757
126Pensacola, FL $755
127Akron, OH $754
128Syracuse, NY $754
129Albuquerque, NM $753
130Lansing, MI $750
131Ocala, FL $749
132Memphis, TN $746
133Indianapolis, IN $745
134Tucson, AZ $743
135Columbus, OH $740
136Yuba City, CA $740
137St. Louis, MO $737
138Bakersfield, CA $736
139Cincinnati, OH $733
140Reading, PA $733
141Des Moines, IA $727
142Buffalo, NY $723
143Boise City, ID $722
144Ogden, UT $717
145Columbia, SC $710
146Pittsburgh, PA $710
147South Bend, IN $707
148Tulsa, OK $707
149Montgomery, AL $706
150Greensboro, NC $699
151Birmingham, AL $698
152Grand Rapids, MI $698
153Spokane, WA $695
154Cleveland, OH $694
155Green Bay, WI $691
156Asheville, NC $690
157Rockford, IL $689
158Kennewick, WA $688
159Dayton, OH $687
160Oklahoma City, OK $686
161Champaign-Urbana, IL $684
162Peoria, IL $684
163Little Rock, AR $680
164Louisville, KY $680
165Lexington, KY $679
166Pueblo, CO $679
167Fayetteville, NC $678
168Shreveport, LA $677
169Battle Creek, MI $676
170Beaumont, TX $676
171Salem, OR $675
172Kalamazoo, MI $674
173Visalia, CA $674
174Sioux Falls, SD $673
175Saginaw, MI $672
176Mobile, AL $671
177Provo-Orem, UT $670
178Knoxville, TN $667
179Chattanooga, TN $666
180Winston-Salem, NC $666
181Greeley, CO $665
182Appleton, WI $663
183Greenville, SC $656
184Toledo, OH $656
185Amarillo, TX $655
186Cedar Rapids, IA $649
187Erie, PA $648
188Lincoln, NE $644
189Springfield, IL $644
190Davenport, IA $642
191Spartanburg, SC $642
192Springfield, OH $639
193Canton, OH $636
194Charleston, WV $636
195Scranton, PA $635
196Wichita, KS $632
197Topeka, KS $630
198Flint, MI $628
199Duluth, MN $621
200Fargo, ND $620

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